• Graphite Foils as Sacrificial Skin from Schunk Carbon Technology

Insulation Protection from CFRC Plates, CFRC Foils and Graphite Foils

The extreme conditions in a heat treatment furnace can damage the insulation of the furnace and thus significantly reduce the life of the heating chamber. We offer different ways to protect the furnace insulation from the extreme conditions. In addition to lining plates made of CFRC, we offer graphite foils and also flexible CFRC foils for cylindrical insulation. Mechanical damage or gas erosion first hits the insulation protection, which is cheaper and easier to replace than the entire insulation.

Take advantage of these benefits:

  • Protection of the thermal insulation in demanding process conditions
  • Higher efficiency and service life of your hot zone
  • No bubble formation due to microperforation (graphite foil)
  • Many standard dimensions - suitable for our rigid felt plates (CFRC plates)
  • Flexibly bendable and therefore an excellent protection for cylindrical insulation (CFRC foil