• Carbon contacts for slip rings from Schunk Carbon Technology

Carbon Contacts for Slip Rings

Carbon contacts with optimal properties for clinical application areas

In a clinical environment where the safety and functionality of equipment is paramount, our carbon contacts are essential. Any failure or malfunction, especially in critical areas such as the operating room, can have serious consequences.

Therefore, components used in medical equipment must ensure the highest level of quality and reliability. Carbon contacts from Schunk Carbon Technology have been specially developed to meet such high requirements. They not only ensure safe and steady power transmission, but also long-lasting operation without interruptions.

The minimal maintenance requirements in particular contribute to this. Medical equipment is often in operation around the clock and must function faultlessly and, above all, without downtime if required. Thanks to our specially matched carbon material and our optimized design, the carbon contacts require hardly any maintenance with a long service life.

Components with the highest quality standard from Schunk Carbon Technology

Schunk Carbon Technology specializes in carbon products that are characterized by the highest level of quality and reliability. Equip your slip rings in medical applications with Schunk's carbon contacts to create flawlessly functioning, low-maintenance, long-lasting products.

If you are interested in our unique carbon contacts for slip rings, send our team of experts an inquiry and request a free consultation and samples of the versatile carbon contacts.

You benefit from these advantages:

  • Individually matched carbon-based material
  • Very high operational reliability
  • Safe power transfer
  • Low maintenance expenditure