Energy Storage and Energy Supply

Overview of our components for energy storage and supply

 Representation of a car with Schunk products for energy storage and supply

The automotive industry is in the midst of a radical change. Vehicles are becoming lighter and more fuel-efficient, as well as more environmentally friendly, efficient, networked, and comfortable. The goal is clear: clean mobility. However, emission-free mobility will take fresh thinking, innovative developments and the right material: carbon. It seems black is the new green. Graphite's unique material properties make it the ideal solution, in many ways, for the future of the automotive industry – including in energy storage and energy supply.

The keyword here is safe and efficient battery management, which requires the targeted storage and dissipation of heat. We have developed pioneering solutions in this area with latent heat carbon composite materials. As one of the world’s leading providers of high-tech graphite components in the automotive sector, we know how to use the properties of these materials precisely to meet customer needs.

 Representation of a car with Schunk products for energy storage and supply

Thermal management with carbon-based materials

Our thermal management components combine a range of positive properties. Individually customized graphite composite materials ensure low weight, excellent reliability even under the most challenging conditions, good thermal conductance, improved power density and low thermal expansion.

Latent Heat Carbon

Schunk Smart Charging: Underbody Charger

Temperature is a key factor influencing the service lives and performance capabilities of lithium-ion batteries. Batteries encased in latent heat carbon in hybrid and e-vehicles always experience controlled thermal management during rapid charging and discharging. Cells are kept at the optimal operating temperature throughout the entire charging and discharging process, preventing thermal runaway.

Store and safely deliver energy

 Latent heat carbon and our specially developed aluminium graphite composite materials handle both thermal management for batteries and many other tasks related to temperature regulation and buffering against spikes in temperature in electric cars. However, these materials are also effective in conventional engines as well. Latent heat carbon can be used to store and reuse waste heat from combustion engines – for example to heat lubricants and coolants before cold starting, which in turn reduces exhaust emissions. Our aluminium graphite composite materials can be used to safely and quickly store and dissipate heat produced by electronic vehicle components. This helps keep operating temperatures in the preferred range, resulting in better efficiency, reliability and a longer service life for components.

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