Your Innovative Development Partner

Material expertise and technologies for almost limitless possibilities


Sometimes, we might start from just an idea about a material substitution. Sometimes, it's the need to take an important step forward. Or to find new answers to complex, highly unique challenges for current transmission applications. The reasons that motivate our customers to choose us as their development partner are just as diverse as their ideas. What they all have in common is their trust in our solutions.

We turn good ideas into even better solutions

Ever shorter times-to-market combined with higher process and system security are forcing us to rethink our development strategy in collaboration with our customers. Our range of technologies includes extensive material expertise in carbon and sintered metals, material processing for precisely designed material properties, modern molding technologies and an extensive range of surface treatments.

Limits are relative

Our innovative capacity helps us to always keep pushing current performance limits. We don’t shy away from a challenge, and our agile teams are always thinking out of the box. Innovation is and remains a key component of Schunk's corporate strategy – our technical expertise, our ongoing readiness to seek out new market trends, and our healthy financial position make us competent problem-solvers.

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