Power Electronics and Sensors

Overview of our components for power electronics and sensors

 Representation of a car with Schunk products for power electronics and sensors

Not only is the engine power in the automotive sector rising, but also the power of the computer chips used in power electronics and sensor technology. This higher performance level results in higher requirements for the components used in power electronics modules. The silicon carbide SIC technology we use requires materials that can fulfill their highly specialized requirements. Aluminium graphite components are our leading technological solution in these applications.

 Representation of a car with Schunk products for power electronics and sensors

The strengths of aluminium graphite in power electronics

Our aluminium graphite materials impress thanks to their low density and their thermal properties, which are adapted to SIC. The coefficient of thermal expansion (CTE) of aluminium graphite is also very well aligned to the chip materials used. Eliminating the CTE mismatch results in less stress on systems. This results in more reliable function and extended service life for the modules, and provides protection for the very expensive silicon carbide.

Developed for the power electronics of the future

The outstanding thermal conductance of our aluminium graphite components ensures that heat produced can be safely dissipated. We produce customer-specific components using lightweight construction for many different automotive applications, such as pin fin coolers, base plates and heatsinks.

Soldering Fixtures made of Aluminium Graphite

Base Plates, Coolers and Spacers made of Aluminium Graphite

Heat Sinks made of Aluminium Graphite

Aluminium graphite is the perfect material for reliable thermal management in modules in modern power electronics. This is true not only because of its low thermal expansion and good thermal conductance, but also because of its low density. Its weight is 75 percent lower in comparison to copper components. That means there are many good reasons to choose aluminium graphite for our customized designs.

Benefit from our expertise in power electronics

 We have been supporting and shaping technological progress in the automotive sector for many years, and in many different ways. Thanks to ongoing collaboration with our partners in the automotive industry, we understand the specialized needs of your business field, both in the areas of power electronics and sensors, and for many other requirements as well. That allows us to seamlessly integrate our development and manufacturing procedures into your process, helping you shorten development phases and reduce life cycle costs.

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