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We have decades of experience as a component and development partner to the automotive industry. In collaboration with our global customers, we deliver carbon products for electrical, mechanical and thermal applications to ensure driving comfort, driving safety and efficient engine management. Our sintered components and metal powder-injection molded products for the drivetrain, vehicle interior and body all impress in their specific applications. In addition, our portfolio also includes products for soft magnetic, high-strength and high-temperature applications, as well as products made of hybrid materials. No matter what your idea is – we stand ready to help you develop it.

The market places high demands on automotive suppliers

Our customers’ expectations for us as an automotive supplier are clear: components need to be made smaller and lighter, with the lowest possible tolerances, while delivering higher performance. In addition, the requirements for suppliers in terms of sustainable and energy-efficient production based on certifiable processes are increasing. All of these considerations are why our customers choose us as their supplier: First, because we can handle technical challenges, and second, because our financial stability forms the basis for long-term trust.

Our carbon solutions lead the industry

We are the global leader among automotive suppliers in this segment, supplying several hundred million carbon brushes annually for use in electric motors for starters, fans, fuel pumps, window lifts and seat adjusters. We also develop other carbon products such as graphite parts for vacuum pumps, bearings for exhaust systems, graphite injection molded parts for coolant pumps and high-strength composite materials (FRP/CFRP) for reinforcement sleeves.

Expertise in sintering, metal powder-injection molding and thermal management

Thanks to our extensive expertise, we can work with you to launch pioneering automotive solutions. Our sintered components and metal powder-injection molded parts (MIM) are used in every area of the drivetrain, such as in turbochargers, the exhaust system and valve drive, as well as in camshafts and pumps in many different applications. We also equip comfort and passenger safety systems with our reliably high quality parts. Inside the vehicle, our components are used in steering wheels, seat and sunroof adjusters, while they play key functions in the vehicle body/chassis on side mirrors, in the electric parking brake and in the electric tailgate.

New material developments also optimize thermal management for components adjacent to the combustion engine, as well as for power electronics. We develop products made of aluminium graphite or latent heat carbon for these applications.

 Representation of a car with Schunk products for energy storage and supply

Energy Storage & Supply

Black is the new green - with our graphite and latent heat carbon composites, we offer you pioneering solutions for efficient energy storage and supply.

 Representation of a car with Schunk products for power electronics and sensors

Power Electronics & Sensors

Reliable thermal management for power electronics and sensors - our aluminium graphite components offer outstanding thermal conductivity and thus meet the high demands of power electronics.

 Representation of a car with Schunk products for E-Powertrain


Pioneering solutions for the powertrain - thanks to a high level of quality and special materials know-how, our powertrain components defy the high demands within this complex system.

 Representation of a car with Schunk products for energy storage and supply

Comfort & Safety

Comfort and safety are crucial - when it comes to attributes that are decisive to purchasing, such as comfort and safety, you do not compromise with our qualitative product components.

 Representation of a car with Schunk products for power electronics and sensors

Chassis & Brake

Highest quality for chassis and brakes - with perfect materials, lowest defect tolerances and the possibility of customized adaptations we offer highest quality for these sensitive areas.

As your automotive supplier, we offer our customers multiple advantages

We serve as a partner to the automotive industry and your competent automotive supplier, developing not only pioneering components, but also new ideas and perfectly tailored processes. Benefit from our power of innovation, and use it to propel your company forward in a market environment that never stops moving. Utilize custom-tailored solutions, large-scale series production based on applicable quality standards, high-precision manufacturing with low tolerances, and technical cleanliness. In addition, our components impress with their very good tribological properties, high temperature and corrosion resistance, and low weight.

Limitless commitment to service

We are rising to meet the growing challenges and legal regulations surrounding modern mobility – including in the area of sustainability. In almost every region of the world, our specialists are supporting global players with concentrated expertise. We place production and logistics as close as possible to your location and manufacture both manually, semi-automatically and with fully automatic systems. Move into the fast lane with Schunk as your automotive supplier!

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