Material Know-how

Extensive expertise in carbon, sintered metals, soft magnetic and composite materials


Every development process starts with selecting the perfect material. Ultimately, the specific properties of the finished product are determined by the characteristics of the raw material. Schunk offers many years of experience in developing and processing our custom-tailored materials. We use them to develop high-quality solutions that meet the specialized requirements of our customers – with unique properties and impressive performance.

Over 100 years of tradition in materials expertise

Our materials expertise is a fundamental part of Schunk's consulting expertise. We have been helping many of our customers develop their individual solutions for decades – this simultaneous engineering is a key part of our approach to the work we do. As our customer, you can rely on our independent fundamental and application development, as well as our extensive in-house testing capabilities. Benefit from our knowledge on product application, processes used to manufacture products, and the materials used.

Well-equipped to turn knowledge into new solutions 

Our customers and the requirements of their specific markets demand outstanding analytic capabilities, a comprehensive knowledge of specific requirements, and, last but not least, well-trained and experienced specialists. We handle all of these needs with an inventive spirit and force of innovation unmatched in the industry. Our dynamic, agile teams work in partnership with customers, involving them in developing solutions early on. This allows us to identify and remove potential sources of errors early on, during the product design phase. Our mission is to align our customers’ needs with technical feasibility.

Our strengths as the foundation for your success

We stand out for our extensive engineering expertise in raw and material selection, comprehensive knowledge of associated processes and applications, and highly specialized analytic expertise to support your development work. This helps us deliver functional, cost-optimized solutions with perfectly tailored materials. Benefit from our ability to offer you everything from a single source for carbon and sintered metal solutions, along with ongoing technological support. After all, a development partnership with Schunk isn’t just limited to the development phase itself, but persists throughout the entire product life cycle – to ensure you enjoy long-term success.

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