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The aerospace sector is focused on long-term performance – both in its product developments and in its relationships with aerospace suppliers. As a financially stable global partner, we can easily enter into such long-term partnerships. In addition, we can fulfill the specific requirements of the aerospace industry: we guarantee that our components will remain absolutely reliable even in the toughest conditions, and we guarantee the quality management standards of our customers will be met. Our developments also impress in the areas of component weight reduction and battery thermal management.

Always there for our customers as an aerospace supplier

We meet the demands of the aerospace industry through close partnership in component development. We get involved in the customer’s basic development process and participate early on in product development, in order to ensure project success. This results in high-quality components with customer-specific designs, made of materials designed precisely to meet their requirements.

Benefit from our innovative solutions

Our development process delivers pioneering solutions that are trusted around the world. We can shape high-tech sintered metal materials, for instance, using metal powder-injection molding to design products precisely to meet your requirements. These materials are not only extremely heat-resistant, but also help to significantly reduce weight, extend the service life of the overall system, and increase performance. The products we offer, such as guide vanes for engine compressors, levers, washers, bolts, bushings and plates also impress with their good reproducibility and consistent dimensions.

One of our specialties: storing and dissipating heat

As an aerospace supplier, we offer innovative carbon solutions for storing heat and targeted heat dissipation. Latent heat carbon and our specially developed aluminium graphite composite materials handle both thermal management and many other tasks related to temperature regulation and buffering against spikes in temperature. This helps keep operating temperatures in the preferred range, resulting in better efficiency, reliability and an extended service life for components.

 Representation of a car with Schunk products for engines


Modern engine components for your propulsion - particularly heat-resistant sintered metal materials and absolute reliability make our components the first choice for ultra-modern and sophisticated engines.

 Representation of a car with Schunk products for energy storage and supply

Energy Storage & Supply

Black is the new green - with our graphite and latent heat carbon composites, we offer you pioneering solutions for efficient energy storage and supply.

 Representation of a car with Schunk products for power electronics and sensors

Power Electronics & Sensors

Reliable thermal management for power electronics and sensors - our aluminium graphite components offer outstanding thermal conductivity and thus meet the high demands of power electronics.

We are an aerospace supplier focused on your success

With Schunk, you have an aerospace supplier that offers you all the technological possibilities of a globally active company and can implement your ideas pragmatically in practice. Our solutions are always precisely tailored to your requirements. Schunk combines innovative strength and technological know-how with an extraordinary service orientation like no other to supply a range of performances unique to the market.

Experienced development partner to the aerospace industry

We see our company as an innovative, solution-focused partner ready to help develop your products. We take an active role through simultaneous engineering, which gets us involved in the development process early on. This allows us to identify and correct potential problem areas even during the design phase of your product. Our mission is to align your requirements with technological feasibility. Quality is the foundation of our relationship of trust with our customers. Our goal is to confirm this trust again and again through our work. Because of this, we have established a quality management system with aerospace certification that addresses the unique requirements of the industry.

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