Your partner, from the design phase to series production


Offering a solution with leading technology is one thing. Offering a solution with leading technology that is precisely tailored to your requirements is much more challenging. We understand this challenge as our service: to support you from initial inquiry through design and material development, helping you to define processes and both internal and external work procedures, handle testing and review duties, and finally ensuring the product is ready for series production.

You need a function – we offer the solution!

More and more often, our customers are seeking not only a single part with specific features, but rather a certain function. This is why we offer you an entire spectrum of services from a single source: from black box solutions to classic part optimization, including cost and process-optimized series production readiness. We can work with you to find the right solution for your needs!

Count on us, from development to logistics

With Schunk by your side, you can rely on a range of services. For example, we offer try-out material samples, the option to manufacture prototypes and models, the ability to create suggested designs and 3D models, FEM calculations, advising from application engineers and the ability to purchase finishing processes. And we do all of it with fast reaction times and in compliance with the highest quality standards.

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