Sintered Parts with Axial Pressing Technology

Powder metallurgical shaping processes from Schunk Mobility

Axial pressing technology as a shaping process in the production of sintered components involves pressing a metal powder mixture into the die under high pressure. This produces a so-called green compact, which is given its mechanical strength by sintering. The axial pressing process is an efficient manufacturing technology, especially for complex component geometries in large quantities.

Metal Powder

Base powder – pure metals and alloys

We exclusively use metals and alloys of leading powder manufacturers. Our quality inspection guarantees that the powder fulfils the specified powder properties such as flow, fill and compression characteristics.


Ready-made mixtures and our own mixtures

All mixtures are produced from specially-developed and strictly-defined formulas. This allows us to ensure that all our materials meet the high quality standards of the automobile industry. We define customized material properties together with you for your products and design them in a manner compatible with your application and with sintering technology.


Use of mechanical, hydraulic and electric powder presses

The ready-mixed metal powders are pressed in shaping tools with a pressing force of 30 to 8,000 kN to form manageable components. Since we have various powder presses available, we can select the most suitable one for your specific component.


The highest degree of strength and dimensional accuracy through hardening in the sinter heat

The green parts form firmly-bonded contacts through diffusion processes during the heat treatment, or what we call sintering. By hardening in the sintering furnace, we achieve top values for strength and dimensional accuracy. Changes in dimensions (volumes, increase in length or shrinkage) are precisely pre-calculated and taken into consideration when designing the molding tool.

Finishing and Refining

We deliver ready-to-install components

The refining competences of Schunk Mobility go well beyond the commonly-used finishing processes such as machining, calibrating, surface treatments, impregnation, thermal aftertreatments, etc. For example, it can be advantageous to carry out machining procedures on so-called green parts to enhance the effectiveness of finishing work. We decide on and individual basis together with you what refinement procedures are most technologically and economically sensible for your component and application.

You too can profit from the advantages of sintering technology!

To the Products
  • Reproducibility, even in extremely large volumes
  • Ready-to-install parts at low unit costs
  • Material yield of nearly 100 %
  • Components in all stages of finishing
  • Environmental friendliness due to high degree of material and energy efficiency 
  • Recyclability
  • Streamlined, stabile processes (LeanSigma)
  • Narrow tolerances, even for complex geometries
  • Weight savings compared to parts manufactured with other production methods

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