Schunk Mobility

Leading solutions for the automotive, e-mobility, and aerospace industries


Whether on the street or in the air, from conventional drives to modern e-mobility, from large scale series production to highly specialized customer solutions – we move mobility forward. And we move you to the fast lane. Our products and system solutions are setting new standards worldwide, and continue to push the boundaries of what is possible. Benefit from our power of innovation, and use it to propel your company forward in a market environment that never stops moving.

Experts for electrical, mechanical, and thermal automotive systems

Every year, hundreds of millions of Schunk carbon brushes are installed in electric motors for starters, fans, fuel pumps, and comfort systems – making us a market leader in this segment. Our extensive portfolio also includes graphite components for pumps and bearings, high-strength composite materials (GRP/CFRP) for high-speed rotors in e-turbos as well as sintered components and metal powder-injection molded products for the drivetrain, vehicle interior and body construction. New high-tech material developments also optimize thermal management for components adjacent to the combustion engine, as well as for power electronics.

Solutions for the mobility of tomorrow, today

Our components are helping to make modern e-vehicles safer, more efficient, and more environmentally friendly. Our developments help customers master the challenges surrounding battery thermal performance, extending battery service life. Specially developed shaft grounding systems also dissipate undesirable, parasitic shaft voltages in a targeted manner, to prevent bearing damage and EMC-related faults. Our reinforcing sleeves, developed using custom-tailored materials with extremely high-precision manufacturing, in turn protect your high-speed components reliably, offering a long service life and improving their performance capabilities.

For the highest reliability. And the highest temperatures.

Conditions in aerospace applications are extreme. But our solutions fulfill even the highest quality requirements of the global aviation industry. We can shape high-tech sintered metal materials, for instance, using metal powder-injection molding to design products precisely to meet customer needs. Our developments also impress in the areas of component weight reduction, battery thermal management, and thermal runaway protection.

As a global player, we offer multiple advantages

Schunk Mobility is part of the Schunk Group and maintains sites in almost every region of the world. That means our customers always benefit from the shortest possible distances and reaction times. Schunk is a global leading force in the development, production and use of carbon, ceramic, quartz and sintered metal solutions. Schunk combines innovative strength and technological know-how with an extraordinary service orientation like no other to supply a range of performances unique to the market.

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