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  •  Schunk Smart Charging Underbody Charger for electric cars
  • Schunk Smart Charging: Underbody Charger

Schunk Smart Charging: Underbody Charger

With the Underbody Charger Schunk is presenting a prototype of the e-charging station of the future, which will allow the safe, efficient, comfortable and autonomous recharging of various vehicle types within a few minutes. This will be possible by a retractable recharging system located in the driveway and, the docking module built in the vehicle underbody as well as extremely high power transfer. Hence, automatic recharging can be shortened to a few minutes, even in completely depleted batteries, which allows for easy integration into the everyday use of vehicles.

You benefit from these advantages:

  • A breakthrough efficient and convenient charging experience
  • Fully automated vehicle charging within a few minutes
  • High parking tolerance
  • Vehicle positioning and recognition system
  • Suited for private and public use