Stator with Sprocket for Camshaft Adjuster

This stator is a component of the hydraulic camshaft adjuster. It serves on the one hand as a housing and on the other hand as a carrier for the sprocket for the camshaft adjuster in open-loop operation. Our high-quality solution combines the requirements of cost-effective production in very high volumes with compliance with demanding quality standards. As a specialist in sinter technology, we are able to develop individual manufacturing concepts suitable for a wide range of installation space sizes. Alternative designs for the belt drive are also possible. In addition, we offer other components in the field of camshaft phasing units that harmonize perfectly with each other.

You benefit from these advantages:

  • Complex outer/inner contour with high requirements on dimensional accuracy and tolerances
  • Ready-to-install products through in-house implementation of all downstream mechanical machining and heat treatments
  • Realization of technical cleanliness for components in the oil circuit