Strengthening exchange between companies and school

Schunk Group and Gleiberger Land Comprehensive School sign cooperation agreement.

From left: Peter Abt, Prof. Dr. Matthias Willems, Christoph Roß, Selina Hofmann, Bent Leudesdorff, Gunthard Sommer, Martha Willmot and Vanessa Dern.

Heuchelheim, October 15, 2019 - Schunk and the Gleiberger Land Comprehensive School in Wettenberg want to further expand their cooperation in terms of career orientation. Steffen Friedrich, Head of Human Resources, and Head of School Gabriel Verhoff recently signed a cooperation agreement in the presence of trainees and pupils.

"We would like to support the students of the Gleiberger Land Comprehensive School in their vocational orientation by giving them an insight into an industrial company and getting to know various training occupations," explains Steffen Friedrich. "Through the direct exchange between students and trainees, we hope to be able to arouse interest in the diverse MINT occupations and are of course looking forward to attracting future apprentices to Schunk.

Pupils learn from apprentices

The cooperation between apprentices and pupils is therefore a central component of the cooperation: whether it is working together with an experimental case on the subject of pneumatics in the comprehensive school's work teaching lessons, producing workpieces after a tour of the plant or during internships at Schunk's training center.

Exchange on perspectives and requirements 

But the cooperation should not only bring students and apprentices together, according to Gabriel Verhoff. For the headmaster of the integrated comprehensive school, communication between teachers and trainers is also an important component. "We are not only interested in what perspectives Schunk has to offer young people, but also what the concrete requirements are for trainees in an industrial company. Company tours for the teaching staff, followed by an exchange with the company, would help to better prepare pupils for vocational training, according to Verhoff.

One of the largest trainers in Central Hesse

With a total of 17 different technical and commercial apprenticeships, seven dual Bachelor's and three Master's courses, the Schunk Group is one of the largest trainers in the region. After successful completion of the training, the company offers very good permanent employment opportunities with personal and professional aptitude. All vacancies and information on apprenticeship can be found at .

Comprehensive school with focus on practical vocational orientation

The integrated comprehensive school Gleiberger Land is a growing school for all students from the region Wettenberg, Biebertal, Heuchelheim and Hohenahr. Particular emphasis is placed on practice-oriented vocational orientation, experimental science teaching and optimum support in the main subjects. "This brings together two powerful institutions in the region - a classic win-win situation," says headmaster Verhoff.

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