Skilled worker's certificate for seven industrial mechanics

Schunk machine and plant operators successfully complete post-qualification as industrial mechanics.

Seven Schunk employees at the Heuchelheim and Wettenberg sites have successfully completed their training to become industrial mechanics.
For two and a half years, theoretical instruction at Schunk was on the agenda every Tuesday after work, and on Saturdays the participants in the post-qualification completed the practical part at the Berufsfortbildungswerk (bfw) in Wetzlar-Garbenheim. This despite a full-time job, sometimes even in three-shift operation.
"You deserve our respect for the fact that you have managed this so well. We look forward to you using your newly acquired knowledge for Schunk," said Human Resources Manager Steffen Friedrich at a small ceremony. "The fact that you were prepared to do this post-qualification part-time and have successfully completed it shows how great your willingness to perform is," adds Jens Crombach, Head of Training. Johannes Fahrig also congratulated the new industrial mechanics on behalf of the works council.

"It was sometimes very exhausting," admits Dennis Ernst, who works three shifts at the Wettenberg site. But the effort was worth it, because: "There's nothing like a skilled worker's certificate", says Darius Lapok, who also completed his training as a machine and plant operator in a post-qualification at Schunk.
A particular challenge was the post-qualification for Newman Ncube. The Zimbabwean employee had already completed regular training as a machine and plant operator at Schunk, but at the beginning of his post-qualification as an industrial mechanic he still had doubts that he had planned too much. "At the end of the course, I repeated all the content at home and watched English-language videos on the topics on Youtube for support. 

Schunk is committed to post-qualification
"Schunk traditionally attaches great importance to employee orientation," emphasizes Human Resources Manager Steffen Friedrich. "This is why we are also committed to post-qualification." Together with the works council and the project partner ZAUG (Zentrum Arbeit und Umwelt - Gießener gemeinnützige Berufsbildungsgesellschaft mbH), their network Nachqualifizierung and the Berufsfortbildungswerk (bfw) in Wetzlar-Garbenheim, the training programme was set up. For Schunk, this is already the fourth post-qualification measure: In addition to industrial mechanics, machine and plant operators and logistics specialists have already been post-qualified in other measures. A further post-qualification as a machine and plant operator will start this week.