Schunk is now member of CharIN

Technology company to support setting standards for e-mobility

Since February 27th 2019, Schunk is a new member of CharIN. Schunk wants to support the goal of the association to set worldwide standards for charging technology in e-mobility.

“Being one of the world’s leading providers in the field of reliable current transmission, benefiting from our extensive experience in the transit and e-mobility field in conductive charging of battery-powered electric vehicles, we are happy to be a part of the worldwide CharIN community, helping to promote and set standards and requirements for electric vehicle charging technology”, says Paulo Santos, Managing Director of Schunk Bahn- und Industrietechnik, after CharIN Steering Committee’s recent decision to admit Schunk as a member.

One of CharIN’s major purposes is to expand the global network by integrating corporations on each level of the defined value chain supporting and promoting charging systems for electrical vehicles.

Contributions to CharIN

As a major leader in fully automatic charging systems and devices for electric vehicles, for instance with its Smart Charging product portfolio, Schunk intends to contribute the promotion of the backbone of the
e-mobility development. The technology company sets to actively participating within the organization aims, particularly within the relevant Focus Groups, helping in establishing standards, drawing-up requirements and certifications within the conductive charging systems and fast charging technologies.

Schunk Smart Charging

Schunk’s charging current collectors ensure reliable current transmission between the charging infrastructure and the energy storage devices of electric vehicles. They ensure reliable high-power transmission up to 1 MW using a multi-pole concept and maintain a defined contact sequence during transmission. A fully automatic contact occurs within few seconds thanks to an innovative drive and lightweight-engineering concept. All charging current collectors feature precise compensation for parking deviations during the contacting and charging process.

Underbody Charger

With the Underbody Charger Schunk is presenting a prototype of the
“e-filling station” of the future, which will allow the safe, efficient, comfortable and autonomous recharging of various types of vehicles within a very short period. The unit consists of a base station that is embedded into the ground as well as an assembly on the vehicle. Once the vehicle has driven to the desired charging position, the charging system rises automatically and docks to the assembly underneath the vehicle. This will enable a save high-power transfer from the station to the electrical vehicle’s battery in a conductive hands-free mode.