Conductive Charging Solutions for Electric Buses

Schunk Transit System ensures clean and efficient public transportation

More and more municipalities are banning diesel-powered gensets in favor of zero-emission, battery-powered buses and other vehicles. Our innovative Schunk Smart Charging system is the key to integrating this into everyday operations - by optimizing the range and charging times of the batteries.

With its smart charging solutions, Schunk is defining new standards in the market segment for conductive, fully automatic recharging of electric buses. Innovative roof-mounted pantographs and inverted pantographs enable reliable charging of the batteries of electric buses on the line or in the depot within seconds. Our charging technologies are not only successfully in use in Germany, but also internationally - already in 25 countries. From Winnipeg to Barcelona to Helsinki & Moscow, electric bus manufacturers choose Schunk's current collectors.

In order to determine the right charging strategy for an electric bus, the density of stops, the length of routes traveled and the number of passengers must be taken into account. For this purpose, Schunk always considers individual requirements in close cooperation with manufacturers and operators in order to develop the best and most flexible solution for the market.

In doing so, we draw on the broad portfolio of automated conductive charging solutions, which includes both recharging of electric buses at stops and overnight charging at the depot. In addition, our experts are working on the development of a prototype of an autonomous fast charging system for electric vehicles (underbody charger), which is a charging system that can be retracted into the roadway.

Our flexible systems can be customized and optimally integrated both with a completely new charging infrastructure and with existing solutions. Here, the electric buses can be equipped with either a roof-mounted pantograph or an inverted pantograph.