Railway Pantographs

Our pantographs solutions for the railway industry

Railways already play a key role in mobility today, and will continue to do so into the future as well. That makes it all the more important to set the right course for success. However, ensuring everyday rail traffic is economical, safe and reliable can be a major challenge for railway operators. Our current collectors for the high-speed sector and local public transportation are an optimal solution for achieving these goals. We have been setting new technological milestones for many years, continually pushing the boundaries of what is possible with these products. Benefit from our decades of expertise, and take advantage of our knowledge as a development partner

We work closely with customers to develop both individual products and system solutions for safe and efficient current transmission, combining functional safety with cost-efficient design. At Schunk Transit Systems, you also get everything from a single source: technological concept, comprehensive accessories and replacement parts made in-house, and customer service that provides targeted support – through maintenance, repairs and product validation in the field.

No matter where our current collectors are used, wear due to mechanical load and difficult conditions is unavoidable. Our regular service calls prevent wear from going undetected and resulting in unplanned downtimes. Inspections and repairs are always more economical, coming in at only around half of the cost to install a new current collector. Rely on our complete service program, from general refurbishments to wear part replacement to assembly.

Pantographs for local transport and metro

Especially in local transit and metro operations, every minute on the schedule counts. Our designs ensure reliable on-time arrivals, for example thanks to individually sprung contact shoes that create a continuous, reliable contact with the overhead line. Schunk current collectors for local transit are available in three concepts: SBE with electrically insulated spindle drive, SBF with pneumatic lowering drive and SBL with air bellows drive. Choose from two concepts for metros: SBE with spring-mounted electric drive to lower the current collector and SBL with air bellows drive, which replaces the mainspring and lowering cylinder. We can individually customize any of these systems for you, as well.

Pantographs from high-speed rail to freight transport

Always connected to power and quiet, with reduced weight and a compact design – we offer reliable, long-lasting solutions and the world's leading current collectors for passenger and freight transport. We offer the reliable and cost-optimized design of our compact single-arm pantograph with an integrated air bellows drive and an optional second layer of insulation. In addition, individual customer adjustments are always available – to ensure our current collectors are always precisely designed for your requirements and conditions.

Our pantographs for current collectors keep up when the going gets tough

Despite continuous use and climate stress, high-quality carbon pantographs from Schunk are extremely durable, long-lasting and protect the contact wire. They are an investment in long-term operational safety. For decades, customers have trusted in the superb product features of our carbon pantographs. The outstanding electrical conductivity and long service lives of our products continue to set new standards for functional safety and reduced maintenance requirements. We offer a variety of materials and designs that is unique within the industry, perfectly coordinated to meet specialized requirements. This allows you to create an absolutely custom-tailored solution for your needs.