Efficient Solutions for High-Speed Trains with Schunk Transit Systems

Power Transmission in Heavy Rail and High Speed

High speeds and mileages, long distances and harsh climatic conditions - the systems in the heavy rail and high speed sector have to withstand a lot. And they have to be as cost-efficient as possible. We combine absolute reliability with low life cycle costs for you.

 Express train equipped with Schunk pantograph
High speed

Reliable and cost-efficient heavy rail and high speed systems

Whether power transmission systems, individual components or wear parts - our solutions are specifically developed and subjected to special tests to meet your requirements. Benefit from the interaction of modern lightweight materials and low-wear materials for the perfect compromise between weight and robustness. Take advantage of our holistic approach, which incorporates our mechanical engineering know-how as well as our expertise in materials and manufacturing technology. This results in high-performance, high-quality overall systems that meet your demands for durability, reliability and cost management.

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