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Schunk Transit Systems is the world's leading supplier of power transmission technologies in the mobility sector. Our expertise ranges from rail transportation to the efficient charging of electric buses. With our pioneering products and systems, we raise the standards in the industry and expand what is technically possible. Take advantage of our extensive experience and in-depth know-how as your development partner.

At Schunk Transit Systems, we see mobility as a basic human need that we want to make as accessible, efficient and sustainable as possible. We are proud to be part of the change towards reliable and sustainable e-mobility solutions. This innovative strength drives our globally active team every day. 

 Train and electric bus at stop in futuristic environment
About us

Market leader through innovation and cooperation 

As an integral part of the Schunk Group, a globally operating technology group, we focus on advanced mobility solutions. We have an extensive global production and sales network that is supported by our in-depth technical knowledge and our passion for innovation. 

Since its foundation in 1913 by Ludwig Schunk, the Schunk Group's philosophy has been based on cooperation, foresight and consistency. Today, we demonstrate our leading role with over 9,200 employees, a presence in 26 countries through 65 locations and an annual turnover in the billions.  

However, despite our focus on high-tech innovation and global expansion, cooperative collaboration and excellent service for our customers and partners remain our central concern. Together, we are working on the efficient and sustainable mobility of the future. 

With production facilities in China, India, North America and many European countries, we guarantee our customers fast response times and short distances. With a unique combination of innovative strength, technical expertise and outstanding service orientation, Schunk offers an incomparable range of services on the market.

 High speed train with overhead contact line and pantograph

On the rails: setting the course for success

As a development partner for rail technology, Schunk Transit System has been continuously setting technological milestones since the electrification of rail transport. In our role as a supplier to the rail industry all over the world, we realize customized individual products and system solutions that enable safe and efficient power transmission. Robustness, functional reliability and cost efficiency are the parameters we reconcile for you. As a manufacturer of pantographs for railroads in all speed ranges, 3rd rail solutions or grounding contacts and CFG systems against vagrant interference currents, we offer everything from a single source: technology concept, comprehensive accessories from our own production and a customer service that provides you with targeted support in the form of maintenance, repair and catenary measurement runs.

 Electric car and e-bus with Schunk Smart Charging on the road

On the road: Schunk Smart Charging

With the innovative Schunk Smart Charging system, you can economically bring e-mobility to the road. As a manufacturer of charging systems for electric buses, we enable reliable charging of the batteries of electric buses and electric industrial vehicles on the line or in the depot within seconds. The extremely short charging times and the associated high range open up completely new possibilities for you in terms of efficiency, performance and flexibility.

Trust Schunk Transit Systems as experts in the field of conductive, fully automatic recharging of e-buses. The extremely flexible system can be customized and optimally integrated both in a completely new charging infrastructure and in interaction with existing solutions.

In the world: Size brings advantages

As a supplier of power transmission systems for the rail and bus industry, Schunk Transit Systems is part of the Schunk Group and maintains locations on all continents. Thanks in part to our production sites in China, India, North America and numerous European countries, our customers always benefit from the shortest possible distances and response times. Schunk is a global leader in the development, production and application of carbon, ceramic, quartz and sintered metal solutions. Like no other, Schunk combines innovative strength and technological know-how with exceptional service orientation to provide a range of services that is unique in the market.

Transit Systems & Electric Vehicles


 Express train equipped with Schunk pantograph

High Speed Trains

Power transmission systems, individual components and wear parts for high-speed rail applications - the highest demands on quality and performance make our products the first choice for state-of-the-art high-speed trains.

 Electric bus in public transport with Schunk Smart Charging technology

Electric Buses

Schunk Smart Charging: Our roof-mounted and inverted pantographs enable reliable charging of electric vehicles on the line and in the depot within seconds.


 Red tram with Schunk pantograph for local traffic

Light Rail Trains

Pantographs, grounding contacts, carbon strips and wheel flange lubrication - we offer you a comprehensive product portfolio to meet the challenges and high demands of rail applications in the light rail sector.


 Electric harbor vehicle with inverted Schunk Smart Charging pantograph

Industrial Electric Vehicles

With Schunk Smart Charging, we offer new, emission-free drive alternatives for industry that flexibly adapt to the operators' operating parameters.



 Metro with Schunk Third Rail Pantograph at Subway Station

Subway & Monorail Vehicles

3rd rail current collectors, contact strips, short-circuiters and protection boxes - thanks to the highest quality of materials and workmanship, robustness and durability, our products defy the tough conditions in metros, subways and monorail vehicles.


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Limitless possibilities with Schunk Transit Systems


Transmitting, charging and earthing for mobility on rail and road - at Schunk Transit Systems, we are shaping the future of rail transport and electromobility with innovative technologies. Since the electrification of rail transport, we have established ourselves as an innovation leader in the field of railroad technology by supplying customized individual solutions and systems for safe and efficient energy transmission. 

The products from Schunk Transit Systems are always characterized by durability, reliability and cost-effectiveness and include pantographs for all speed classes, solutions for the third rail, contact strips and earthing systems. We also offer comprehensive services, including maintenance and catenary measurements. 

In the world of electromobility, our Schunk Smart Charging system is revolutionizing the autonomous charging of electric vehicles. Our pantograph technology enables fast, reliable and contactless charging of electric buses and industrial vehicles, which in turn increases the efficiency, performance and flexibility of the vehicles. This system is suitable for both new charging infrastructures and existing facilities and can be customized. 

Materials know-how and technologies for virtually unlimited possibilities

Your Innovative Development Partner

Implement innovative projects with Schunk Transit Systems now 

Are you looking for a reliable partner in the field of power transmission technologies with innovative thinking, state-of-the-art infrastructure and comprehensive knowledge? Schunk Transit Systems is your ideal partner. With our globally networked team and our commitment to the highest quality standards, we transform your visions into tangible reality. 

Our core competence is to push performance boundaries

Sometimes it's just a vague idea of material substitution at the beginning. Sometimes the need to take the decisive step further. Or to find new answers to complex and at the same time very individual challenges for current-carrying applications. The reasons why our customers choose us as their development partner are as varied as their ideas. What unites them is their trust in our solutions.

We turn good ideas into even better solutions

Ever shorter time-to-market combined with high process and system reliability require a rethink of development strategy and cooperation with our customers. Our technology spectrum includes in-depth materials know-how in carbon, ceramics and quartz, materials processing for the precise design of material properties, state-of-the-art shaping technologies and a comprehensive range of surface treatments.

Faster and more mature to the goal

Similar to a toolbox, the experience gained from established technologies can be quickly and precisely transferred from these four areas of expertise into new developments and customer-specific solutions for the rail and electric vehicle sectors. We call this "PAVE: Process Added Value Engineering". As a result, you benefit from a pioneering development partner - with innovative strength, customer-focused work, and efficient progress toward series maturity.

Always at your side

Partnership knows no borders for us. We are represented on all continents and are also always close to you thanks to our numerous production sites and our global sales network. Not only do we work with you to develop a solution for your requirements, but we are also always available afterwards to provide you with competent advice and comprehensive service. We also deal extensively with important future topics such as digital maintenance and smart charging and are happy to incorporate our findings and latest developments into your individual projects.

Brochure: Schunk Transit Systems
Brochure: Schunk Transit Systems

Pioneering solutions for the rail and bus industry



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