Emission-free industrial e-mobility from Schunk Transit Systems

Charging Technology for Industrial Electric Vehicles

Emission-free, battery-driven vehicles are playing an increasingly important role not only in the public sector, but also in the industrial heavy-duty sector. However, an efficient charging system has been missing as a basis for this. Our innovative Schunk Smart Charging technology closes this gap and gets e-mobility moving here as well.

 Electric harbor vehicle with inverted Schunk Smart Charging pantograph
Schunk Smart Charging

Pioneering charging solutions for battery-powered industrial vehicles

With Schunk Smart Charging, we are opening up new, emission-free drive alternatives for industry that flexibly adapt to the operators' operating parameters. The system enables reliable, safe charging of batteries in seconds via a roof-mounted charging pantograph or an inverted pantograph. The robust charging technology can be used efficiently in many industrial segments, for example in cargo loading at ports, for airport vehicles or for battery-powered mining vehicles.

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