Schunk Smart Charging Depot Charger SLS301 for overnight charging

Depot Charger SLS 301

Depot charging with automated current collectors enables vehicles of different heights to be docked in the vehicle depot within seconds. The charging process happens overnight, so there is no need for large amounts of electricity to flow in a short time. The product is therefore particularly compact and cost-efficient.

Charging Time: gentle continuous charging
Charging Power: 200 kW (higher charging power available on request)
Set-Up Principle: "Top-Down"
Charging Concept: Depot Charging and Opportunity Charging

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Depot Charger SLS 301 for Gas Stations

Our inverted charging systems can also be installed at ordinary gas stations. There, they offer electric intercity buses an uncomplicated charging option and extended mileage. Using high-power charging with up to 1,000 amps, the vehicles receive an energy boost of 100 to 150 kilowatt hours within 15 minutes. Automated and wireless. For environmentally friendly intercity transport.
Charging Power: 100 to 150 kWh in 15 minutes
Set-Up Principle: Top-down
Charging Concept: Opportunity Charging, Flash Charging

Depot charging with automated charging device has a whole range of advantages:

  • The vehicles can park under the system with some tolerance. An automatic signal provides the connection to the charging device. Compared to the plug-in solution, no additional personnel is required.
  • The charging process is implemented using the top-down principle. The charging device contacts the counterpart station on the vehicle side. The buses can park close together, so that less parking space is required.
  • The Depot Charger offers an efficient overnight charging alternative. Depending on the charging cycles, the systems have a service life of ten to fifteen years, making them significantly more durable than plug-in solutions.
Brochure: Battery Driven Vehicles
Brochure: Battery Driven Vehicles

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Brochure: Depot Charger SLS 301
Brochure: Depot Charger SLS 301

Depot charging with automated connection device

Case Study: Schunk Smart Charging
Case Study: Schunk Smart Charging

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