Silicon Carbide from Chemical Vapor Deposition

Ultra light and extremely hard

Silicon carbide from chemical vapor deposition (CVD-SiC):

The unique CVD SiC technology, which Schunk markets under the name P 60, is used to produce components that are characterized by high corrosion, oxidation and heat resistance as well as wear resistance. By combining CVD-SiC coating with IntrinSiC, they have the capabilities to create almost any geometry and finish it by P 60.

What distinguishes P 60 CVD-SIC coatings?

The high purity, low thermal expansion and good mechanical properties open up new possibilities in the semiconductor industry. The contamination of wafers by any impurities from the substrate or its surface is thus avoided, for example.

Where is the P 60 CVD-SIC coating used?

For satellite technology, lithography and diffusion furnaces, Schunk's CVD-SiC manufacturing technology with an exceptional purity of 99.9995 % is indispensable today. Schunk Ceramics also offers CVD-SIC coating for particularly large components.

Diatom made of technical ceramics produced in 3D printing process by Schunk Technical Ceramics

Special properties of CVD-SiC:

  • Density: 3.18 g/cm³
  • Porosity: 0 %
  • Electrical resistivity: 1500 μΩm
  • Degree of oxidation: 4 x 10-6 mg/mm2 x h





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