Reaction-bonded Silicon Carbide

Ultra light and extremely hard

What distinguishes the reaction-bonded silicon carbide CarSiK-G, CarSiK-Z, CarSIK-GD and CarSIK-NT:

Compared to other SiSiC materials on the market, RBSiC from Schunk is characterized by a high secondary SiC content, which leads to significantly lower Si contents (<11 %) and thus higher bending strengths. The particularly resistant CarSiK-G, CarSIK-Z, CarSIK-GD and CarSIK-NT materials convince - in addition to the high bending strength compared to other RBSiC materials - with high temperature resistance, corrosion and wear resistance as well as low thermal expansion and high thermal conductivity.

Where are CarSiK-G, CarSiK-Z and CarSIK-NT used?

The very high thermal conductivity as well as temperature resistance in combination with a vanishingly low creep tendency make CarSIK-G a predestined material for burners and radiant tubes. Schunk's unique low silicon content of < 11 % in CarSIK-Z and CarSIK-G enables strength values that set it apart from the competition and allow the production of kiln furniture with the lowest thermal mass. Wherever energy is to be saved through reduced thermal mass and reliability is essential, CarSiK is the material of choice. Service lives of 10 years are not uncommon.

 Material microstructure of the technical properties and surface structure of CarSIK-G & CarSIK-Z.

Special features of CarSIK-G and CarSIK-Z:

  • Hardness: 25 GPa
  • Density: 3,09 g/cm³
  • Compressive strength: 1000 MPa
  • Thermal conductivity-100°: 160 W/mK
  • Flexural strength: 280 MPa
  • Modulus of elasticity: 360 GPa
  • Application temperature: 1380 °C


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