Mullite-bonded Silicon Carbide

Ultra light and extremely hard

Mullite-bonded silicon carbide (CarSiK 70 ZA):

Mullite-bonded SiC is characterized by good electrical insulation, thermal and chemical resistance, comparatively low thermal expansion, and high thermal shock and corrosion resistance.

What distinguishes CarSIK 70 ZA?

CarSIK 70 ZA impresses with its high thermal and chemical resistance, mechanically robust structure and high thermal shock resistance, and also has a good price-performance ratio.

Where is CarSIK 70 ZA used?

In aluminum die casting plants, tubes made of CarSik 70 ZA (available in a wide range of extruded diameters, open or closed) effectively protect the heating elements against contamination and splashes of molten aluminum. Mechanical-corrosive damage is thus prevented.

Diatom made of technical ceramics produced in 3D printing process by Schunk Technical Ceramics

Special properties of CarSiK 70 ZA:

  • Open porosity: 25
  • Density: 2,1 g/cm³
  • Application limit:1400 °C
  • Coefficient of thermal expansion: 5 [10-6 K-1].
  • Thermal conductivity: 7 W/mK
  • Flexural strength: 30 MP



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