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Our fiber reinforced armor...

CFRP Sleeves for Electric Motors

Our fiber reinforced armor sleeves for permanent magnet motors are used in modern motor systems to fasten and secure rotating assemblies, enabling eddy current loss to be minimized.

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With the Underbody Charger...

Schunk Underbody Charger for Electric Cars

With the Underbody Charger Schunk is presenting a prototype of the e-filling station of the future, which will allow the safe, efficient, comfortable and autonomous recharging various...

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Schunk quality for the...

Shaft Grounding Assemblies for Automotive Applications

Schunk quality for the e-mobility of the future: our innovative Shaft Grounding Assemblies for electric motors provides effective protection against...

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Quality for the e-mobility of...

Keynote with Global Business Development Manager Markus Weber - Schunk Shaft Grounding System

Quality for the e-mobility of the future: Schunk Shaft Grounding Systems

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Schunk ist bisher der einzige...


Schunk ist bisher der einzige Hersteller, der die Zweikomponenten-MIM-Technik in Serienproduktion weltweit anbietet. Mit der Zweikomponenten-Technik 2K-MIM ist es Schunk gelungen, in der...

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Schunk Smart Charging...

Schunk Smart Charging

Schunk Smart Charging prepares electric buses for daily service
With the innovative Schunk Smart Charging system, electric buses will always run on time. Our system enables reliable...

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Limitless design freedom with...

Expert Interview with Global Account Manager Tobias Heusel - Additive Manufacturing

Limitless design freedom with toolless processes: Additive Manufacturing by Schunk

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One Material. Countless...

Aluminium Graphite

One Material. Countless Industrial Solutions.

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Ensuring the transport of...

Aluminium Graphite

Ensuring the transport of tomorrow is ready today.

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Schunk Thermal Management for...

Injection Molded Components

Schunk Thermal Management for Automotives

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Stable pump performance,...

Schunk Carbon Rotor

Stable pump performance, thanks to the many advantages of the carbon material used.

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Underbody Charger: The Future...

Expert Interview: Ahmad Kamar

Underbody Charger: The Future of Electric Vehicle Charging

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Schunk Carbon Injection...

Keynote with Matthias Kienholz

Schunk Carbon Injection Molded Components

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Smart Hybrid Parts for...

Expert Interview: Matthias Kienholz

Smart Hybrid Parts for Automotive Applications

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Two Component Metal Injection...

Expert Interview: Tobias Heusel

Two Component Metal Injection Molding

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Metal Additive Manufacturing...

Experteninterview: Daniel Alfonso

Metal Additive Manufacturing Through Composite Extrusion Modeling

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