Integral carbon strip optimized for railway applications LLC and RAMS

Sliding strips with magnetic arc protection

Difficult conditions on the track, such as ice forming on the overhead line, can cause the contact between the pantograph and the overhead line to interrupt shortly. This can lead to arcing. The consequence: damage to the contact strip of the roof-mounted pantograph. For transport companies, this means unplanned train downtimes and high costs.

Sliding Strips with magnetic arc protection reliably dissipate arcs, thus increasing the availability of the vehicle fleet even in icy temperatures.  Even existing sliding strip designs can be upgraded with magnetic arc protection in most cases.

You benefit from these advantages

  • Increased reliability and availability of the vehicle fleet
  • Reduced replacement costs, as year-round operation is possible
  • Improved life cycle costs
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Brochure: Schunk Transit Systems
Brochure: Schunk Transit Systems

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