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Schunk Smart Charging - our unique portfolio of charging solutions based on pantograph technology that can be individually tailored and optimally integrated into your existing infrastructure. Whether e-bus, e-truck or electric-autonomous vehicles at ports, airports and in mines - we offer charging technologies and components that set standards.

Roof-mounted Pantograph SLS 102 / 103

The compact roof-mounted pantographs SLS 102 and SLS 103  are mounted on the roof of the e-bus and operate on the "bus-up" principle: the bus stops under the charging station, where the roof-mounted pantograph extends, connects to the charging station and charges the batteries.

Charging Time: from 30 seconds to overnight charging
Charging Power: from 150 kW up to 1 MW
Set-Up Principle: "Bus-Up"
Charging Concept: opportunity charging, flash charging and depot charging

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