Schunk Transit Systems GmbH

Pioneering solutions for rail applications and electric vehicles

Schunk Transit Systems is one of the world's leading suppliers in the field of reliable power transmission technologies - from rail transport to efficient charging of electric buses. Our products and system solutions set new international standards and push the boundaries of what is possible time and again - benefit from our decades of experience and use our know-how as a development partner.

On the rails: setting the course for success

As a development partner for rail technology, Schunk Transit System has been continuously setting technological milestones since the electrification of rail transport. In our role as a supplier to the rail industry all over the world, we realize customized individual products and system solutions that enable safe and efficient power transmission. Robustness, functional reliability and cost efficiency are the parameters we reconcile for you. As a manufacturer of pantographs for railroads in all speed ranges, 3rd rail solutions or grounding contacts and CFG systems against vagrant interference currents, we offer everything from a single source: technology concept, comprehensive accessories from our own production and a customer service that provides you with targeted support in the form of maintenance, repair and catenary measurement runs.

On the road: Schunk Smart Charging

With the innovative Schunk Smart Charging system, you can economically bring e-mobility to the road. As a manufacturer of charging systems for electric buses, we enable reliable charging of the batteries of electric buses and electric industrial vehicles on the line or in the depot within seconds. The extremely short charging times and the associated high range open up completely new possibilities for you in terms of efficiency, performance and flexibility.

Trust Schunk Transit Systems as experts in the field of conductive, fully automatic recharging of e-buses. The extremely flexible system can be customized and optimally integrated both in a completely new charging infrastructure and in interaction with existing solutions.

In the world: Size brings advantages

As a supplier of power transmission systems for the rail and bus industry, Schunk Transit Systems is part of the Schunk Group and maintains locations on all continents. Thanks in part to our production sites in China, India, North America and numerous European countries, our customers always benefit from the shortest possible distances and response times. Schunk is a global leader in the development, production and application of carbon, ceramic, quartz and sintered metal solutions. Like no other, Schunk combines innovative strength and technological know-how with exceptional service orientation to provide a range of services that is unique in the market.


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