Power Transmission for Subway and Monorail Vehicles

Powering subway and monorail vehicles with efficient solutions from Schunk Transit Systems

Metros, subways and monorail vehicles place particularly high demands on the robustness and functional reliability of the installed systems. But even for constant vibrations, particularly cramped conditions in tunnels, and track networks in need of rehabilitation, we develop solutions that do their job day in, day out.

Our components around the 3rd rail perform heavy-duty work in this area without complaint. From 3rd rail current collectors to collector strips and fuse boxes to short-circuiters, you can rely on our many years of proven expertise worldwide. The high quality of materials and workmanship ensures that the systems are just as robust and durable, with which they defy even the toughest conditions under the train. Added to this is our wide range of applications thanks to numerous designs, coupled with the possibility of tailoring all systems individually and precisely to your needs.

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