Schunk Smart Charging automated charging system with vehicle detection system
 Schunk Smart Charging Underbody Charger for electric cars

Underbody Charger

With the development of the underbody solution, Schunk Transit Systems enables charging both at a public charging station and in the garage at home. No more charging cable and plug - the car is positioned exactly above the charging station and charged autonomously. This is made possible by a charging station that can be retracted into the roadway, the interface built into the vehicle floor, and the extremely high power transmission.

Charging Time: within a few minutes
Charging Power: up to 1 MW in the public area and according to the limitation of the house connection in the private area
Set-Up Principle: charging station retractable into the road + interface built into the vehicle floor
Charging Concept: Opportunity Charging, Flash Charging and Depot Charging


With the Underbody Charger Schunk is presenting a prototype of the e-charging station of the future, which will allow the safe, efficient, comfortable and autonomous recharging of various vehicle types within a few minutes. This will be possible by a retractable recharging system located in the driveway and, the docking module built in the vehicle underbody as well as extremely high power transfer. Hence, automatic recharging can be shortened to a few minutes, even in completely depleted batteries, which allows for easy integration into the everyday use of vehicles.

You benefit from these advantages:

  • A breakthrough efficient and convenient charging experience
  • Fully automated vehicle charging within a few minutes
  • High parking tolerance
  • Vehicle positioning and recognition system
  • Suited for private and public use
Brochure: Battery Driven Vehicles
Brochure: Battery Driven Vehicles

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