Grounding Systems for Railroad Applications

Ground contacts for all installation situations

Permanently in use for you - grounding contacts with extremely long service lives

Grounding contacts must work reliably for the longest possible period. Schunk offers durable solutions for all common installation situations and interfaces.

Maximize the service life of your wheelset grounding

Only with a perfectly matched grounding system are return, safety and signal currents safely and reliably discharged. Grounding systems must work reliably for the longest possible period. These grounding systems or grounding contacts are mounted either at the end of the axis (axial) or at the gear unit (radial). At Schunk, such solutions have been established for years and are part of a large repertoire. Therefore, it is no coincidence that leading vehicle manufacturers in the rail/traction sector rely on grounding systems from Schunk - because with our technology, we have revolutionized the transmission of signal currents and ensured new dimensions in maintenance intervals.

  Rendering of a Schunk grounding contact for railway applications

Benefit from the advantages

  • Extremely long service life of all grounding contacts
  • Various systems cover all common installation situations and interfaces
  • High level of design and development expertise


Effective protection of your drive systems against vagrant shaft voltage

Bearing or gear damage caused by shaft stress can lead to costly vehicle fleet failures. Extend the service life of your trains with Schunk's patented Carbon Fiber Grounding (CFG) systems: The shaft grounding systems made of carbon fiber reliably divert vagrant shaft currents and safely protect against damage to bearings in motors or transmissions.

Gear/Gearbox-mounted CFG Systems

Motor-mounted CFG Systems

Customer-specific CFG Systems

Schunk CFG system for railroad applications during installation

Your problem:

Vagrant shaft currents in directionally controlled AC motors lead to

  • bearing damage in motors or gearboxes
  • extreme noise generation
  • increased heat generation within the affected bearings
  • costly (unplanned) train stoppages



  Schunk Carbon Fiber Grounding Shaft grounding system for railroad applications

Our solution:

The patented carbon fiber grounding systems from Schunk

  • reliably divert vagabond shaft currents
  • effectively protect against expensive bearing damage
  • are resistant to strong vibrations
  • can usually be retrofitted without complications




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CFG system for railroad applications during installation from Schunk

Take advantage of these benefits:

  • The system prevents expensive bearing damage
  • Fast amortization due to lower repair and maintenance costs
  • Slim design enables use in compact installation positions on the bogie




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