Short-circuiter for 3rd Rail Applications

In the event of a malfunction, metro, subway or monorail vehicles must be able to be de-energized immediately - to protect the sensitive vehicle technology against electrical damage and to enable the safe evacuation of passengers. Our short-circuiter for 3rd rail applications offers a reliable operating principle in such a case. The pneumatically actuated switch triggers a short circuit and thus de-energizes all relevant systems incl. the third rail itself. We offer the short-circuiter as an optional accessory for 3rd rail current collectors

You benefit from these advantages:

  • Protects vehicle technology and passengers
  • Reliable function due to pneumatic release
  • Immediate de-energization of the power-carrying third rail
  • High current resistant design
Brochure: Schunk Transit Systems
Brochure: Schunk Transit Systems

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