•   Schunk Smart Charging inverted pantograph SLS201 for electric vehicles
  •  Schunk Smart Charging inverted pantograph SLS201 for electric vehicles with dome interface
  • Inverted Pantograph

Inverted Pantograph

Our inverted pantograph SLS 201 is the worldwide proven standard for flexible, fast and safe charging of e-buses and battery-powered industrial vehicles. Our patented contact systems can also be adapted to other vehicles and specific customer requirements. The inverted pantograph is integrated on the infrastructure side at a central location where its contacting functions according to the top-down principle: The vehicle parks underneath the inverted pantograph, the latter drives down, connects to its compact counterpart on the vehicle roof and charges the batteries. This system guarantees a safe current transmission of up to 1,000 A via a multipole concept and maintains a defined contact sequence during contacting.

You benefit from these advantages:

  • Integration into the charging infrastructure - contacting with battery-powered vehicle according to the "top-down" principle
  • Enables different types of vehicles (single and double-decker buses) at a strategic location with a single charging current collector
  • Fast contacting in only 5 seconds
  • Multipole concept (minimum 4 poles) and mechanical contact sequence for safe charging
  • Precise compensation of parking deviations and kneeling effects (+/-5°) during the charging process without charging interruptions
  • High power transmission in a few seconds

Timo Staubach

Product Manager: Battery-Driven Vehicles

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