Inverted Pantograph SLS202

Next Level Charging

Discover the SLS 202

Our new generation of the SLS 202 inverted pantograph is a technological milestone. Thanks to years of years of development expertise and global market experience, we are setting unprecedented standards with the SLS 202 in terms of weight, working range and current transmission. The pantograph system enables both opportunity charging with high charging powers in a very short time and automated depot charging with lower charging powers over a longer period of time.

One system, many possibilities

Opportunity Charging and Depot Charging - always with leading technology

One for all? This is certainly true of our SLS 202 inverted pantograph. It can transmit a high current, is lightweight and cost-effective, and also impresses with the highest working range on the market. Whether on the road or in the depot, vehicles of different heights up to double-decker buses can thus be charged efficiently with a single pantograph.

Our smart technologies enable easy embedding into your existing infrastructure as well as the optimal balance between battery size, passenger load and range. As a leading global specialist, we support you in successfully bringing e-mobility to the road. Feel free to contact us to make the most of the benefits of the SLS 202 and its wide range of applications.

You benefit from these advantages:

  • Safety
    • Relaible and save connection during the charging process
    • Equal contact force distribution due to the flexible contact interface
    • Mechanical contact sequence
    • Compensation of vehicle movements during the recharging process without contact interruptions
  • Comfort
    • High allignment of parking tolerances up to +/-300 mm
    • High allignment of vehicle movements +/-5°.
    • High allignment of the kneeling process during charging
    • High number of charging cycles over the operational lifetime
  • Bonus
    • High current charging power of up to 1,000 - 1,200 A continuously
    • Integrated fail-safe function
    • Low weight of approx. 115 kg
    • Cost effective design
    • Highest range on the market - up to 2.3 m