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Sustainability at Schunk

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The world is changing at a rapid pace. As a technology group, we see it as our responsibility to do our part to ensure that the world changes for the better. We therefore support the sustainable development goals of the United Nations and are committed to helping people and nature. Sustainability is firmly anchored in our corporate culture and continues to determine our actions today. We also want to help our customers achieve their own sustainability goals by developing innovative products and sustainable production processes. Through our commitment to sustainability, we are also increasing our competitiveness and aim to make a decisive technological contribution to a sustainable industry together with our customers.


What we stand for

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Protecting the environment and saving resources

Our business activities should have as little negative impact as possible on people, animals and nature. As an internationally successful technology group, we are aware that we operate in a field positioned between two conflicting interests as the manufacture of industrial products consumes energy. We therefore use natural resources responsibly and are proactively committed to protecting the environment.

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Focus on people

We are aware of our responsibility to our employees – their well-being and health are very important to us. We promote their personal and professional development, for example, through in-company training and continuing education. As a reliable and responsible employer, we promote an open, respectful corporate culture across all hierarchical levels.

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Entrepreneurial spirit with vision

Our worldwide entrepreneurial activities are consistently guided by the principles of our founder, Ludwig Schunk: it is our goal to achieve long-term stability through reliability and profitable growth. In addition, through  customer orientation, commitment and technical expertise, we cultivate long-lasting, successful partnerships.


We take responsibility


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We develop solutions for a green future

As a leading technology group, we use a very special tool to address the environmental challenges of our time: our innovative strength. It has been a hallmark of our company since its founding and continues to generate new solutions focused on environmental sustainability.


Our products ensure more sustainability

Innovations from Schunk are already helping to conserve resources, save energy and protect the climate. And they do so worldwide. The Schunk Blog reports on a few examples.

Schunk Blog

   Electric buses with Schunk Smart Charging roof-mounted pantographs charge in the depot

Electric buses in Krakow: That's why the city uses one charging solution for day and night

80 vehicles are charged quickly on the route and slowly in the depot

Digital condition monitoring of pantographs and overhead lines

How onboard monitoring increases the availability of railroads and infrastructure

 Electric car with Schunk Underbody Charger technology

Charging electric vehicles autonomously

Why the Underbody Charger could be the e-charging station of the future

Ceramic diatom from the 3D printer and Schunk's own silicon carbide material: IntrinSiC

Saving 500 tons of carbon dioxide with 3D printing of ceramics

Together with Zeiss, Schunk drives sustainability forward


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