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Around the world, mobility is in a state of upheaval. It is not only becoming more efficient and connected, but above all more environmentally friendly and sustainable. Together with our customers, we are working to make electromobility even more attractive, to build vehicles that conserve resources and are safe, and to drive forward digitization on the rail and the road. Whether for passenger cars, trains, electric buses or hydrogen trucks - with our expertise in the development of suitable materials and components as well as in machine and systems design, we are doing everything we can to help you and your business move forward. 


Bundled know-how in mobility

Mobility is our passion - and has been since Schunk's beginnings. What began in 1913 with carbon brushes for motors in streetcars and intercity trains led to our entry into the automotive industry in 1928, and thus into an industry that Schunk continues to support today as a reliable development partner and supplier. We rely on innovative technologies and customized solutions to meet your needs. From rotor bandages for high-performance electric motors, to intelligent condition monitoring in railroad technology, to solutions for reliable testing of lithium-ion batteries and fuel cells - under one roof we offer you a broad product and solution portfolio that puts you in the best possible position for the mobility of the future.


  Electric buses with Schunk Smart Charging roof-mounted pantographs charge in the depot

Charging systems for electric vehicles

Schunk Smart Charging is the name of our unique portfolio of automated charging solutions based on pantograph technology. Whether e-busses, e-trucks or electric-autonomous vehicles at ports, airports and in mines - our solutions can be perfectly adapted to your requirements and integrated into your existing infrastructure.

Truck drives with bipolar plates from the Schunk Group

Graphite bipolar plates for fuel cells

Whether in trucks, buses, trains or maritime applications: commercial vehicles offer great potential for hydrogen motors. With durable graphite bipolar plates for use in PEMFC and DMFC fuel cell stacks, Schunk sees itself as a development partner for customers who see hydrogen technology as the future.

Digital condition monitoring of pantographs and catenary wire

We upgrade our pantographs and make them intelligent: Schunk OnTrack Monitoring generates condition data of pantographs and catenary wires during operation: the basis for predictive maintenance and increased availability of vehicles and infrastructure.

 The Minic 3 of Schunk Sonosystems is currently welding copper cables together

Ultrasonic welding systems for wire harness

As the market and innovation leader for ultrasonic metal welding, Schunk Sonosystems is a partner in high demand  in the automotive industry when it comes to manufacturing wire harnesses, batteries and IGBTs. This joining technology ensures secure connections both from strand to strand and strand to terminal or for high-current contacts. 

Test systems for safe mobility

With environmental simulation systems from Weiss Technik, you are able to simulate any kind of conditions - from air flows and vibtrations to extreme temperatures and pressure - for observing corrosion behavior. For safe and reliable mobility.

 Modern electric car driving through futuristic environment.

Carbon and sintered metal solutions

As a reliable development partner for the automotive industry, we supply not only advanced components for electrical, mechanical and thermal systems, but also, and above all, new ideas and perfectly matched processes. 


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As a global technology group, we operate worldwide and our expertise extends to a multitude of industries. Our customers benefit from our many years of know-how and our commitment to providing high-quality solutions. Discover our wide range of solutions for automotive, aerospace, life sciences and more - experience the whole world of the Schunk Group.


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