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High performance even under extreme conditions

Less weight, more safety - the requirements of the aerospace industry push conventional materials to their limits and present our customers with great challenges. How good it is to have an experienced partner in Schunk who not only helps you make your products light and reliable, but also knows how to put your components to the acid test. For many years now, we have been helping our customers make their products more powerful and efficient with components that are precisely tailored to their requirements. And when it comes to safety, you are in good hands with our experts at Weiss Technik. Their test systems, for example, ensure that only components that function reliably even under extreme conditions take off. You too can benefit from our many years of expertise in materials, thermal engineering and environmental simulation - for greater safety above the clouds and in space.


From ultra-lightweight components to satellite test facilities

From high-strength lightweight components made of carbon, glass or oxide fiber composites to high-performance ceramics for satellite assembly: together with you, we will find out which materials are the right ones for your particular requirements. Our experts will accompany you from the development of components in partnership with you and prototype production, to delivery of the high-quality, customized components. 

And that's not all. Whether satellite, airplane or helicopter: modern aircraft are exposed to extraordinary loads during their operation. Weiss Technik is a strong partner when it comes to creating safe and clean production conditions for both new and proven technologies, using thermal engineering equipment for curing and forming composite components or putting aerospace components through to the test under severe vibration, extreme temperature fluctuations or vacuum conditions. 


Safe takeoff with advance simulation

Safety is paramount in the aerospace industry. Environmental simulation systems from Weiss Technik allow you to test all essential parameters in every conceivable scenario and situation in advance. If perfomance homogeneity when using materials of different expansion coefficients is the problem, our thermal engineering systems are the first choice. Containment and clean room systems, on the other hand, keep unwanted impurities at bay - for all-round clean results.

 starting aircraft with lightweight engines

Engine components made of sintered metal

The secret to the success of our durable, high-performance engine components? They are made of a heat-resistant material that is shaped by metal injection molding (MIM). Our customers benefit from less weight, high reproducibility and reduced manufacturing costs. 

 Satellite moving in orbit around the earth.

Less weight through bionic component optimization

In the aerospace industry, weight reduction is critical. We meet this requirement with bionic component optimization - it gives our ceramic components greater stiffness, functionality, dynamics and safety at lower weights.

Key Visual of Carbon powder from Schunks Business Unit Carbon Technology

Light and strong: fiber composites

Are you looking for innovative aerospace solutions that reduce weight as well as costs while increasing performance and durability? Then you've come to the right place. Benefit from the advantages of our fiber-reinforced composites with plastic, carbon or ceramic matrices.


How can we help you soar?

As a global technology group, we operate worldwide and our expertise extends to a multitude of industries. Our customers benefit from our many years of know-how and our commitment to providing high-quality solutions. Discover our wide range of solutions for automotive, aerospace, life sciences and more - experience the whole world of the Schunk Group.


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