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Microchips - no electronic system can do without them today. They are in computers, smartphones, automobiles and even household appliances. And they are considered the most complex devices mankind has ever produced. As one of the fastest moving and most important industries in the world, the semiconductor industry is constantly facing new challenges. Whether it's artificial intelligence, big data, autonomous driving, IoT or cloud computing, the need for powerful chips is growing rapidly. At the same time, advancing miniaturization continues to test the limits of what is feasible. With Schunk, you have a partner at your side who pushes back and redefines these limits, both in chip production and in the high-purity process conditions required for it.


Pure Excellence for the semiconductors of the future

Are you looking for an expert in next-generation semiconductors? Then put your trust in Schunk's expertise. We are the world's leading supplier of consumables made of silicon carbide-coated graphite, quartz, ceramics and silicon, as well as the top provider of related technical services for the microelectronics industry. In this role, we cover the entire value chain from the production of silicon blanks and wafers to the manufacture of the actual products.

And that's not all: as a broad-based technology group, we don't leave you on your own when it comes to the production of microchips and other electronic components: our experts at Weiss Technik are your contacts for everything and anything that has to do with contamination control, cleanroom technology and oven systems - for high-purity, repeatable process conditions and a low reject rate.


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Leading graphite, quartz and ceramic solutions

The in-depth application knowledge of our semiconductor experts offers you valuable competitive advantages. Schunk Xycarb Technology is a long-standing supplier of SiC-coated graphite susceptors and quartz products for the semiconductor industry in the OEM and aftermarket sectors. In addition to a comprehensive component offering, we provide technical support to optimize product design and your cost of ownership.

Oven systems for semiconductor production

The process of manufacturing semiconductors and electronic components involves numerous steps and usually has very specific requirements in terms of process conditions. To ensure that these can be produced reliably every time, perfectly coordinated technology is required. The industrial ovens from Weiss Technik help to create these conditions in the front and back end in a way that is repeatable, safe and economical.

Semiconductor optics manufacturing

The high-precision production of mirrors and lenses for wafer steppers in semiconductor production is one of the most demanding tasks in optics manufacturing. Fortunately, our specialists at OptoTech offer grinding machines that are ideal for applications in the semiconductor industry due to their high degree of accuracy as well as the greatest possible flexibility of the component geometries that can be machined.

For high purity process conditions

The production of microchips and other electronic components is technically complex and extremely cost-intensive. Pure and ultra-clean process conditions are crucial here for keeping the reject rate low. Weiss Technik is one of the leaders for innovation and quality in the field of contamination control and clean room technology.


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As a global technology group, we operate worldwide and our expertise extends to a multitude of industries. Our customers benefit from our many years of know-how and our commitment to providing high-quality solutions. Discover our wide range of solutions for automotive, aerospace, life sciences and more - experience the whole world of the Schunk Group.


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