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Life Science

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Materials and environment

The purer, the safer 

Together with our customers, we work to protect and enhance life. With customized solutions, ultra-pure materials and technical products, we support companies, laboratories and research institutes in achieving these goals safely and sustainably. Because with our solutions they can protect patients and staff in the operating rooms from highly-resistant germs. Or ensure that people, processes and products in pharmaceutical production are safe. When it comes to successfully implementing scientific findings, making your production even safer and sustainably increasing product quality, you can rely on our expertise in materials technology and machine design.


Partner for production and research

No matter whether you want to equip operating rooms with clean-air ceilings or set up safe workplaces for the production and packaging of medicines: with special solutions in the areas of personal and product protection, clean room and stability testing, hot air sterilization, tensile tests for material testing and phytomedicine, Weiss Technik is a reliable partner for industry and research. But Schunk is also at home in medical and analysis technology: here we are your development partner if you want to equip your dialysis instruments with ultra-clean measuring cells or machine optics for endoscopy.


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Ultrapure materials for analytics and medical technology

Whether atomic absorption spectroscopy, dialysis or wastewater treatment - ever more precise and complex procedures are being used in analytics and medical technology. Our ultra-pure carbon and graphite materials form the basis for absolute precision, reliability and safety.

Air hygiene in healthcare

The Corona epidemic has shown us: modern air-conditioning technology and the associated optimal thermodynamic air treatment can greatly minimize the risk of infection from diseases that spread via droplet infection. Not only hospitals and doctors' practices but also public buildings, sales and event rooms as well as office and industrial buildings can benefit from our air conditioning units.

Clean air systems for operating rooms

Hospital germs can cause infections that are sometimes difficult to treat. In addition, surgical fumes are suspected of being carcinogenic. Modern clean air control and air conditioning systems from Weiss Technik help you to protect the health of patients and operating room staff.

Clean rooms for pharmacies

Just like the manufacturers of pharmaceutical products, retail and hospital pharmacies as well as compounding centers are subject to numerous regulations and guidelines. For sterile drug production, for example, a qualified and validated cleanroom is required. Our experts at Weiss Technik will support you with individual planning, implementation and qualification.

Clean environment for medical technology

In medical technology, the highest requirements must be met in terms of quality and hygiene. Corresponding products must therefore be comprehensively protected against contamination during production, packaging and transport. With our Weiss Technik cleanroom solutions, you can ensure a high level of safety and reliably protect employees, products and processes.

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Endoscope optics

For the processing of the most demanding endoscopy optics, OptoTech offers complete production cells, from the processing machines and measuring technology to the coating systems.

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Vertical Farming

In order to be able to grow enough food in the future, new ideas and methods will be necessary. Vertical farming has emerged in the last decade as one of the tools for addressing this challenge. For this agriculture of the future, Weiss Technik has developed efficient climate solutions that ensure that plants grow optimally and that lost heat can be used intelligently.


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As a global technology group, we operate worldwide and our expertise extends to a multitude of industries. Our customers benefit from our many years of know-how and our commitment to providing high-quality solutions. Discover our wide range of solutions for automotive, aerospace, life sciences and more - experience the whole world of the Schunk Group.


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