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This much is certain: the future will be digital. In order for visions such as the Internet of things, the car as a supercomputer, eye tracking, wearables and 3D printing to gradually become reality, electronic components are needed that meet the highest requirements and function always and everywhere. And not only that. With increasing digitization, the need for data centers is also growing. More and more performance in an ever smaller area is required here. With our solutions, you can ensure that your electronic components and systems are manufactured using state-of-the-art technology and under optimal conditions, that they perform reliably for your customers, and that data centers operate economically and safely. 


Bundled know-how in electrical industry & IT

As a specialist for environmental simulation, climate and heat technology, Weiss Technik has developed systems especially for the electronics industry that enable you to accelerate your production processes and bring your product to market faster. Be it through shorter process times in the heat treatment of wafers or by subjecting your components or circuit boards to stress screening in order to detect defects in time. And that's not all. Did you know that ultrasonically welded high-performance modules can achieve ten times the service life of conventionally soldered modules? With ultrasonic metal welding systems from Schunk, you benefit not only from perfect connections, but also from a comprehensive monitoring of the production process and product quality. And we won't let you down with reliable heat dissipation during operation either. With Latent Heat Carbon, we have developed a material that you can use for reliable cooling of your electronic components. 


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Environmental simulations

Weiss Technik and Vötsch Technik are among the most innovative and important developers and manufacturers of equipment in the field of environmental simulation, thermal engineering and air conditioning technology. Especially for the electronics industry, we have developed solutions that meet the highest requirements. So that components can shine in all applications, from electronic toys to satellite control systems. 

 The Minic 3 of Schunk Sonosystems is currently welding copper cables together

Leading the way in ultrasonic metal welding

Schunk Sonosystems is the global market and technology leader in ultrasonic metal welding and a recognized partner for the solar and electrical industries. Our technology plays out its advantages in numerous areas and applications. You too, can benefit from our great technological advantage!

Keeping a cool server

In view of data security as well as rising energy costs, efficient data center cooling plays a key role. Whether precision air conditioners, cooling wall systems or in-line cooling units - our solutions from Weiss Technik can be tailored specifically to your requirements to ensure that they operate economically and safely even under extreme conditions.

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Microelectronics at the highest level

Our experts at Schunk Xycarb Technology have one principle from which they never deviate: deliver excellent solutions at the highest industry standards. For example, our graphite, ceramic and quartz-based developments enable performance dimensions that would be impossible to achieve with other materials. Discover our solutions for the semiconductor, solar and optoelectronics industries.


What would you like from our portfolio?

As a global technology group, we operate worldwide and our expertise extends to a multitude of industries. Our customers benefit from our many years of know-how and our commitment to providing high-quality solutions. Discover our wide range of solutions for automotive, aerospace, life sciences and more - experience the whole world of the Schunk Group.


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