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Radiant Tubes

With our Radiant Tubes for indirect heating we belong to the pioneers and market leaders in thermal process technology. Due to their excellent material properties Tubes made of CarSIK (silicon-infiltrated, reaction-bonded silicon carbide) warrants an optimum in terms of long-term quality-performance, efficiency as well as a high degree of operational liability within sensitive industrial processes. Thanks to our technology leadership we can offer large tubes sizes (ø ≥ 200mm, L ≥ 3000mm) upon requirement which enables due to its increased surface of heat exchange an adequate circulation rate resulting in reduced NOx- emissions.

Apart from that we can offer our class-leading 3D-printed IntrinSiC® for complex geometries. This innovative manufacturing technology allows for the very first-time for the grade RBSiC a degree of complexity (i.e. inner spiral contours) which were not feasible so far using conventional forming technologies. Apart from single-ended Radiant Tubes our product portfolio includes U-and P-shapes Radiant Tubes.

You benefit from these advantages:

  • Available Grades: (CarSIK-G, IntrinSiC®)
  • Excellent Bending Strengths and Creep- Resistance
  • Outstanding Oxidation- and Corrosion Resistance
  • Very good Thermal Shock Resistance
  • High Net-heating Efficiency due to high thermal conductivity
  • Availability of large sizes for single-ended as well as U- and P-shaped Radiant Tubes in the grade RBSiC
  • Tailor made flange designs (optional in isostatically pressed grade with high surface quality)
  • High degree of design flexibility (i.e. inner spiral contours) considering manufacturing in our 3D-printed RBSiC grade IntrinSiC®
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Brochure: Burner Technology
Brochure: Burner Technology

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