Burner Nozzles made of silicon carbide from Schunk Technical Ceramics

Burner Nozzles

We offer a substantial product range of industrial- and household burner nozzles for direct heating in thermal process technology. The outstanding material properties of our grade RBSiC (silicon-infiltrated, reaction-bonded silicon carbide) such as thermal shock resistance as well as corrosion- and oxidation resistance warrants and optimum long-term quality-performance.

For complex geometries we can offer our class-leading 3D-printed IntrinSiC®. This innovative manufacturing technology allows for the very first-time for the grade RBSiC a degree of complexity (i.e. spiral contours) which were not feasible so far using conventional forming technologies. Cost-intensive NREC (i.e. for patterns and moulds) don`t occur.

You benefit from these advantages:

  • Available Grades: RBSiC (CarSIK-G, CarSIK-GG,IntrinSiC®), NSiC (CarSIK-NG)
  • Excellent Bending Strengths and Creep- Resistance
  • Outstanding Oxidation- and Corrosion Resistance
  • Very good Thermal Shock Resistance
  • High degree of design flexibility (i.e. inner spiral contours) considering manufacturing in our 3D-printed RBSiC grade IntrinSiC®
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Brochure: Burner Technology
Brochure: Burner Technology

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