Ballistic military helicopter seat made of technical ceramics for protection against bullets

Complex Shaped, Monolithic Ceramic Segments

In aircraft armor in particular, large, complexly shaped, monolithic ceramic components enable maximum effectiveness with low weight. This is made possible by our technical advanced ceramics with particularly lightweight structures and outstanding ballistic protection performance. Our world-leading 3D-printed manufacturing technologies IntrinSiC® (RBSiC) and IntrinSiC® B4C (RBB4C) enable customized lightweight solutions in this regard.

You benefit from these advantages:

  • Lower weight than conventional ballistic materials
  • Higher degree of hardness
  • Protection against armor-piercing projectiles, even with multiple hits
  • Wide variety of geometries with high complexity possible
  • Customized solutions via 3D printing
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Brochure: Defence
Brochure: Defence

SiC & B4C armour materials for ballistic protection



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