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Hard Ballistic Components 
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Where maximum safety is the standard. Whether ceramic armor plates for aviation, vehicle construction or personal protection - as a long-term supplier to these industries, we know what matters. Hard ballistic components made of technical ceramics - For protection in high protection classes of safety-relevant components, high-performance ceramic materials are needed that have special properties. With more than 20 years of experience in the field of protective ceramics, we are on the one hand a competent and reliable supplier of proven and continuously developed products, and on the other hand, as a solution-oriented project partner for equipment manufacturers and system developers, we create modern ceramic solutions as part of your lightweight solutions with the highest performance available.

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Body & Vehicle Armor made of Technical Ceramics

Protective vests of the highest safety class

Around the world, soldiers, police officers and other professionals rely on ballistic protective vests and shields incorporating our ceramic protective panels. Over 1 million products shipped so far. This makes us the market leader in Europe in the sector of high-quality ceramics for body protection. The low weight and very good protective performance of our products are just as convincing as the good price-performance ratio. Compared to other lightweight materials, we manufacture our RBSIC and RBB4C plates at significantly lower cost using our unique manufacturing process.

Diverse reinforcement solutions for land and air vehicles

Schunk's advanced silicon carbide materials are also the perfect choice for armoring military land and air vehicles when maximum weight savings and high protection are required. We can realize monolithic plates in a wide variety of geometries. Our polygonal plates are ideal for dimensionally accurate lining of large, complex surfaces. In addition, CarSIK-B4C panels can be used to save weight in aircraft armor while benefiting from the material's high hardness. For the armoring of land vehicles, the materials CarSIK-GD but also IntrinSiC (reaction-bonded silicon carbide with reduced metallic silicon content) are ideally suited due to their high hardness and good cost efficiency.


Ceramic materials for armoring:

  • Best price-performance ratio for advanced ceramics
  • Up to 30% weight advantage over alumina
  • Ceramic solutions for all common threats such as SK4, NIJ 4, ESAPI, STANAG 1-6, etc.
  • Flexible in geometric design through the use of 3D printing for RBSiC and RBB4C.
  • Individualized solutions for your field of application e.g. ballistic seat shells for armored vehicles
  • Experience from over 1 million body panels delivered worldwide
Brochure: Defence
Brochure: Defence

SiC & B4C armour materials for ballistic protection

Brochure: IntrinSiC® 3D-printing
Brochure: IntrinSiC® 3D-printing

Create design in diamond-like hardness



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