Ceramic multi-lug posts made by Schunk Technical Ceramics

Multi-Lug Posts

Multi-Lug Posts are central integrated constructional elements of kiln car superstructures in various industries (i.e. manufacturing of substrates and filters for emission control systems) and enable due to the individually positioning of single setting-decks a high degree of flexibility combined with an optimum utilization of the available firing space. Apart from that the use of our Multi- Lug Posts warrants a high degree of automation. Depending on the max. operation temperature our product portfolio incl. the grades RBSiC (silicon- infiltrated, reaction- bonded silicon carbide) up to 1.380°C as well as NSiC (silicon nitride- bonded silicon carbide) up to 1.470°C.

You benefit from these advantages:

  • Available grades: RBSiC ( CarSIK-G, IntrinSiC), NSiC (CarSIK-NG)
  • Very good Bending Strengths and Creep- Resistance
  • Very good Oxidation- and Corrosion Resistance
  • Very good Thermal Shock Resistance
  • Low thermal mass
  • Availability of tailor-made geometries
  • Special dimensional tolerances enable a high degree of automation
  • Feasibility of high degree of complexity in our class- leading IntrinSiC® (3D- printed RBSiC)
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Brochure: Ceramic Industry
Brochure: Ceramic Industry

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