Immersion Heater Tube made from technical ceramics made by Schunk

Immersion Heater Tube

Immersion Heater Tubes made of our grade NSiC (silicon nitride- bonded silicon carbide) were developed in particular for indirect heated wire galvanizing systems and do have apart from an very good thermal shock resistance excellent non-wetting properties in direct contact with Zn and Al melting. The combination of those excellent material properties warrants significant increased product lifetime versus conventional refractory grades.

You benefit from these advantages:

  • Available Grade: NSiC (CarSIK-NG)
  • Outstanding product lifetime versus coarse ceramic refractory grades (approx. ≥2 years vs. approx. 6-8 months for refractory)
  • Non-wetting properties with melting
  • Very good Thermal Shock Resistance
  • Reduced maintenance as well as increased productivity
  • Lower costs compared to SiN or SiAlON
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Brochure: Burner Technology
Brochure: Burner Technology

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