Ceramic Ferrules made by Schunk Technical Ceramics

Ceramic Ferrules

These ceramic sleeves are used to protect metal components from corrosive and abrasive media at neuralgic points of certain process systems (the refining sector, boilers, Claus units etc.). The materials we use stand up to a variety of strains and stresses thanks to their high resistance to wear, heat and chemicals. The design and dimensioning of components are determined on an individual basis together with the customer. The flange collars are then securely joined to the cylindrical tube body in our process.

You benefit from these advantages:

  • High wear resistance
  • High chemical resistance and corrosion resistance
  • Custom designs are possible
  • Materials: AluSIK-80 and AluSIK-60
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Brochure: Pyrometry, Laboratory Ceramics & Furnace Construction
Brochure: Pyrometry, Laboratory Ceramics & Furnace Construction

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