About Schunk Technical Ceramics

Innovative solutions and products in the field of technical ceramics

Whether in aerospace, mechanical engineering, furnace construction, or metrology - products made of technical ceramics are a compelling advancement of your product wherever low weight, precision, extreme hardness, stiffness, temperature resistance, and abrasion resistance are required. As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of ceramic components made of silicon carbide, our extensive process and materials know-how allows us to develop tailored premium solutions for you that offer advantages in terms of economy, energy efficiency, and design.

The right choice

The selection of the most suitable material and process for manufacturing your product is important to optimal design. Schunk is at your side as an experienced development partner from the very beginning. This results in products that are  tailored to your specific application requirements.

We offer a variety of silicon and boron carbide materialsalong with selected products from aluminum oxide and zirconium oxide. We develop solutions whose manufacturing, performance, andlife cycle costs are optimized according to your design requirements. Reduced weight, higher precision, longer service life, wider temperature application ranges, better media resistance, and greater operational reliability are some of the advantages offered by Schunk ceramic materials.

Always excellent

Thanks to leading technology such as ceramic 3D printing, ceramic shaping and finishing processes as well as finite element simulation, Schunk can quickly develop your components with new design flexibility, tailor-made for your design requirements and production assembly requirements with quality engineered in from design inception. As one of the leading suppliers of high-performance ceramics and the market leader for reaction bonded SiC with more than 25 years of know-how in development and production, we are your pioneering development partner for your customized solutions.