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How you will convince with an authentic appearance and confident answers
Five tips on how to succeed in a job interview
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Date: February 24, 2021

How to make a successful impression on your new employer

Jitters before a job interview? It's perfectly normal! To help you relax on your first date with your employer of choice, I've put together five tips for a convincing appearance.

How to make a successful impression on your new employer

Check the job ad

Good preparation is everything. Therefore:

  • Read the job ad again: What does the company expect from you? Consider what qualifications you may already have for the job.
  • Take a look at the activities: Where might you already possess similar experience that you can bring to the table?
  • And: Find out about the company and prepare questions to ask.

Reflect on your resume

"Hello, my name is ..." Introducing yourself sounds easy, but experience shows: It's not quite that simple - after all, your name is not enough. So you may want to practice your introduction at home. You should be able to justify why you have chosen the individual stations in your life - and possibly also the one or other detour. What was particularly interesting, especially in terms of your future job?

Prepare yourself for common questions

Admittedly: Some HR questions can make you sweat quite a bit! Again, good preparation is half the battle - and Google is your best friend. There is a lot of information on the Internet on the subject of "common job interview questions". Use them to get a feel for the questions you can expect. For example, the classic: What are your weaknesses? This is not about chocolate addiction. Rather, your ability to self-reflect is on the test bench. Think about this in advance so that you can answer confidently.

Use the interview to your advantage

Remember: the interview is there for both sides. The company wants to get to know you, but you should also take the opportunity to get as much out of the interview as possible. So be yourself and show genuine interest. Answer questions honestly and ask some! After all, you want to find out if the company and the job are a good fit for you, don't you?

Our Schunk tip: bring your own ideas to the table

Regardless of whether it's an initial trial period or a permanent position: Help shape your job! Students in particular often expect employers to specify exactly what an internship looks like, for example. What we find much better: You as the applicant bring your personal idea of your job into the interview. In this way, content can be adapted very specifically and you can proactively help shape your job.